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Defining and Achieving the Perfect Moment


Welcome to the New InPlace Marketing Website!

The process of developing and creating the new and improved InPlace Marketing website has ended up being a long and tedious process. Why, you might ask? Well, it’s so that we, like we strive to provide for our clients, can have that “perfect moment,” if you will. You know, the “perfect moment” of pride, happiness and satisfaction you feel when the completed project was executed exactly how it was envisioned.

You see, it was my goal to have the InPlace Marketing website strikingly perfect, with the design, functionality and copy flowing exactly the way I had planned. And though my better half and partner here at InPlace debated that we launch the site as soon as possible and tweak it later, I felt as if that just won’t do, as that option ultimately takes away our team’s “perfect moment.” (Also, it is an option we would never even dream of suggesting to a client, so why would we explore that option ourselves?) Yes, sure, a variety of changes can be made to a website once it’s live; our designers and web team can work miracles on any website, but the point was that once the opportunity was gone, we could never have that “perfect moment” again. 

It is through this process that I have had one of those famous “ah-ha” moments. I have become the client, insisting on the implementation of my vision and, at times, becoming impatient when it isn’t executed. This realization has not only helped me identify further with our clients, but it’s shown me that the seemingly endless hours of work and the edits upon edits were worth it, and have surmounted to a product that we are proud of, a product that my team can gather around after the site has launched and say, “well done,” “good job,” and “we nailed it!”

It is this first moment of pride, that “perfect moment,” that we work so hard for internally and on a daily basis for our clients. It’s why we have had the pleasure of fostering long-term relationships with some of the best clients across the U.S., and it’s what makes InPlace Marketing different from most agencies.
Most importantly, achieving our “perfect moment” means that I can finally answer the extravagant number of emails I’ve received, and continue to receive, with, “Yes, it’s live. Yes, it’s magnificent and yes, it’s exactly what I wanted!”

-Barbara Commesso